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What We Offer


   Our state of the art Amada laser cutter improves accuracy and reduces lead times. Our material handling automation allows for more production from our machines. We can script your name in 22ga metals or cut 1" thick plate material.

   Our laser cutting capabilities provide cost-effective precision prototypes or production components.


   Our metal facility is equipped to handle your cutting, welding, punching, bending, finishing/polishing, tube bending, and fabrication needs. We manufacture with all types of tubing; round, square, and ovals in all sizes. We work with all sorts of materials like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, etc., utilizing our extensive inventory of equipment, including our new tubing laser.


  We offer the most state of art CNC punching and laser cutting equipment. Our collection of three-axis press brakes, tube punching and bending, and pinch rolls of various sizes and diameters allow for the rolling of cylinders and cones for sheet metals. We provide a great advantage in having impeccable grinding and brush finishing, packing design, assembly, and powder coating all done in-house. We also supply shop drawings and tooling design.  

Metal Tubes
A Man Welding


   With our talented welding team and advanced technologies, Laurel has the capabilities to build any weldment, frame, structure, or any widget to meet your most challenging needs. With 10 full welding stations, our capacity is endless. Many other shops can weld, but Laurel’s grinding and polishing shop are second to none. Finishing parts before powder coating and plating is the total difference when it comes to the quality of the appearance of your finished part.


Welding services:

  • Tig Welding

  • Mig Welding

  • Spot Welding

  • Stud Welding

  • Stick Welding


   Our fully automated in-house powder coating system paints in multiple colors, glosses, and textures.

   Powder coating is the only way to produce a high-quality and durable finish while maximizing production, cutting costs, improving efficiency, and complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

   Powder coating provides excellent protection against physical, chemical, and UV degradation.

   Our powder coating system gives us the advantage to pack and assemble right off the line. This production method allows for quicker delivery and reduces costs to our customers. 

powder-coated-z-brackets-1440x960 (1).jp
Working in the Warehouse


   With our millwork, we use a traditional approach with advanced technologies. Our cabinetmakers work with a variety of equipment such as point-to-point CNC routers, Vertical Processing Center routers, panel saws, automated contour edge banding, and thermofoil vinyl press machinery. This gives us the ability to produce almost anything you could imagine. 

   Our finishing capabilities included staining, spray coating, and powder coating MDF. We work with all types of materials; plastic laminates, solid surfaces, melamine, wood laminates, solid woods, and acrylic.


   Our customers have always trusted us from design to engineering. We also don’t mind value engineering your company’s current designs to decrease costs. The Laurel team has designed an assortment of products. This includes enclosures for kiosks and outdoor menu boards, LED lighting fixtures, complete store interiors, and office furniture. We look forward to working with your in-house design and engineering staff. If you have an existing relationship with an outside firm, we're happy to work with your designer or architect to create your finished product and take it to manufacturing.

Engineering Tools
Construction Site


   For more than 25 years, Laurel has been a direct importer, combining cost-effectiveness with a superior quality product. Quality is embedded in the process from the first piece inspection to the finished product.

   Each of our global factories has been qualified through rigorous inspections. Our experienced quality control team inspects each part overseas and again thoroughly upon arrival to our warehouse. We guarantee all of our products unconditionally.


With Laurel, you're guaranteed to get your finished product on time, every time. We ship worldwide through multiple qualified sources and shop our freight extensively to guarantee the best shipping rates. Our team of experts are dedicated to working with you to ensure consistent quality and delivery for every order - whether it's one package or a truckload of fixtures.

Truck and Warehouse
Warehouse Shelves


  In addition to manufacturing, we also offer complete warehousing and inventory management services. Our dedicated customer service professionals will provide you with detailed, up-to-date reporting on your products - so your team can focus on other areas of your project's development.

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